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Friday, January 02, 2009

recycled packaging

I had a wonderful New Years Eve night, and i hope you did too!

It's been so long since i've blogged, hasn't it?

some time last year, i purchased something on etsy from a person is costa rica. along with my order, she sent some candy, which was nice.
we chatted every night for a while, and while doing so i think i asked her if she had ever had a werthers hard candy. she said no, and so, i wanted to send her some.

The package i got from her came in a handmade envelope which was made of magazine pages. i thought it was way cool and so cute, foreign words all over the place!
i felt like a small piece of costa rica had been delivered to me with that package.

Here is the package that i made up for her, filled with candies:
unfortunately, it never was sent out. the fire happened before i could get to the post office, and with it having been exposed, sending it would not be a good idea.

i think it's been out side this whole time, and i was surprised that it hadn't been thrown out with all the other stuff.

i am going somewhere with this! lol

I'm thinking of doing this type of recycled packaging for my smaller items that don't NEED to be in a bubble mailer.
right now, i pay about 80 cents for a small mailer in which a hair clip or pin would just jiggle around.
i'm thinking that if i'm selling something for less than 8 bucks, and shipping is almost 2...
well, it might go better if shipping was only 1 dollar.
Artfire is planting trees. Lanee's Crochet could use hand folded envelopes!

Just a thought- what do you think?


  1. Thats a great idea! How do you do it? lol

  2. Monet, it's pretty much just folding paper into a pocket and using lots of tape. nothing too fancy =-)


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