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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Expect what I do

I want you to expect what I do as a buyer, from me, the seller.

There is something about the cold weather and the holiday season that has me buying up trinkets left and right.

In the excitement of having money to spend and embers in my pocket- I always forget to check a sellers feedback to see if I should expect professional (as far as things being handmade goes, this, for me would be a cute ribbon inside or a cute plastic baggie type thing with a couple business cards and-to my pleasure- not a smell to whiff.)

And how about that shipping thing? Will I be waiting around for weeks for something that should take days?
How many of their customers have boasted about their fast shipping, and about loving their purchase?

I must say that after buying a few things from [etsy], I'm a bit put off by the level of customer service I've gotten (which to me is what i mentioned above).

I'm finding myself trying to sniff out the mail man and pouncing on the mail once i know it's in the box.

This makes me feel kind of foolish. Perhaps it's because I've been doing unto others...
I'm trying not to be bitter and just wait patiently, as some people do actually have lives and a real number of orders to deal with.

There is just something about not having my item, while not having my monies either that makes me want to sock some one. =-)

to turn this post around and avoid a total call out and bitch fest courtesy of me, I'd like to let you know what you, as my buyer can expect from Lanee's Crochet.

  • Acknowledgment of your order.-I like to send convos (on etsy) letting you know that I see that you've ordered, payed promptly, and should be expecting your package to be mailed out soon.

  • Fast and reasonably priced shipping.- When I get an order, it's like a rush! 'Some one's bought something from me! I can't wait until they get it-they'll love it! YAY - YAY!!!' And so, I may just package your order and sprint to the post office that same business day. If I'm unable to, it's definately going out the next day. (Post office doesn't close until 7 here, so it's do-able)

  • Your item wrapped in tissue paper and tied with a yarn bow.- Not only is it fun to pull a bow loose, but I try to use a texture and fiber different from what you've ordered. Just so you'll have a small hint of what else I have to offer. The tissue paper is not frilly, but it keeps your item from touching the inside of the envelope. (Not that it's nasty or anything, lol)

  • Care instructions.- For the things that may need to be laundered, I've included a content and care card. All of this info should be in the listing, but who wants to go dig that up whenever you need to wash something.

  • I appreciate your order!- To show my appreciation, and in case you're buying for some one else, I include a thank you note with a personalized message on it and a pin or single coaster-depending on the season. Hand made gifts are great to give, but I'm all about keeping a little something for yourself too. You're not just an order to me, and I hope I've shown you such =-)
Along with these 5 things, and probably most important is quality. I do take time and care to make sure that the things I produce are the best. This sometimes means undo-ing a great portion of my work to make sure it all fits in with the quality I strive for. And if that makes for happy customers, I don't mind at all! (ok, maybe i do a little- being anal can get frustrating, but that's my issue and your benifit.)

and exhale...
So, please have a look around my shops which can be found here on etsy and here on artfire and hopefully, I'll be filling your order soon.

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