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Friday, July 31, 2009

Never Ending Inspiration

There are times when I just sit around and twiddle my thumbs, wanting to crochet but not having any idea of what I might make.

Then I remember that I'm a member of a wonderful group of crocheters and can go to the Crochet for Life forum for ideas and encouragement to try something that I otherwise may not have or a simple pick me up (there's always something to giggle about there).

Life has been kind of busy for me lately. What with trying to plan a new direction in life, getting my son ready to start school next month, feeding my need to create, and trying to keep my shop and studio active.

As I type, I'm thinking of what I will crochet next and in which colors, who will wind up with it and how many I want to make.
I wonder if all crafter's minds are like never ending movie reels.

This month, C4L had a challenge which was to use granny squares or motifs for a project of your choice. IF you're a frequent reader, you already know about my "choice". You know, the one t hat didn't work out so well.

I totally switched gears and came up with this one, which I finished last night
It is a 100% cotton white, light blue, and ecru granny squares dishcloth.
I had planned a solid border for this one, but decided at the last minute to highlight the outside with just white, then finish it with a blue and ecru mixed simple scallop type edge.

I'm almost tempted to keep this one for a wash cloth, just because it looks like home, you know?

Instead, I'll keep it around for memory's sake.

Last but not least, I'd like to shout out a few of the members of the group- they're lovely people and I highly recommend checking them out =-)

Monet has some lovely stitch markers, fibers for spinning as well as knit and crochet items:

Sandy uses her blog to shares with us the many projects she's worked on. Just so pleasant!

Naida's got some cute stuffed toys in her Etsy shop as well as crochet patterns and stuff:

She's also got a nice blog here:

Darlene's blog, in which she talks about 'A little bit of everything in my daily life and beyond' - plus she's got some cool quilts there too!

Mini mucks around on her blog which describes life in a kind of humorous way while adding a bit of sci-fi junkie along with a fair share of crochet, too.

She's also got a few things for sale on Artfire.

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