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Saturday, July 25, 2009


I haven't been posting or listing lately because i've been consumed with getting my brand together.
(I'm sure you noticed the new look of this blog, I've also tied it into my Artfire studio as well as my Etsy shop Banner. I know that simply changing colors doesn't equal a brand, but I think that these are some nice little steps to get me on my way. I'm hoping that this winter, I'll make enough sales to be able to purchase some custom stickers which will be added to my packaging. I also plan to send all orders out with my shop's colors used for packaging, too.
It's gettin serious! (FINALLY, right?)

I figured that since I already have 100+ items available, taking time to do this wouldn't hurt too much. I've been working on some new things to list while I've been working on this branding thing- they're not listed yet, but check em out--

I had a lot of fun making these hair clips. I think I've been working on them for a whole week or so. But that's because I've been trying to get the part that you don't see here just right. The bows are attached to small, rectangular hair clips which I've covered in a coordinating fabric.
I ordered lots of little clips and still have even more ribbon left, so you'll be seeing a greater variety of these in the future.

The yarn I used for this black and white set is called zebra. I originally got it to use in my favorite bag inspired bag, but since it didn't look like that would ever come along, and because the yarn was so soft, (and a nice break from using cotton), i decided that a hat would be a great little side project. The edge has a decorative finish that will also help it from stretching too much- unless your head is totally huge =-)

My last little FO I have to show is a black clothes pin bag which has a red and a beige button on it. I think it will be my last of the season.
It's a bit smaller than the other 2 I've made, but I'm sure that it will be able to hold the same amount of pins.
It's the perfect thing to help you go green. Let's use all this free wind and sunshine along with this nifty clothes pin bag to dry our clothes rather than those power pulling dryers, eh?


  1. I love the clothespin bag! It reminds me of my early married years before I had a dryer. Not only is hanging your clothes out green, your clothes smell so much better :)

    Can you believe some cities do not allow clotheslines in the backyard? That's Calif. for you. No budget but we'll waste money to send out the clothesline police!

  2. Really? that's so lame. I didn't know about that. wasn't california doing brown outs at one time?

  3. I love that bag too... and how crazy is it places dont allow clotheslines :( I love my sheets and blankets dried on the line the best.. with a air toss in the dryer to soften it up a bit

  4. Hi, Lanee! Thanks for visiting my blog :) You asked about the Russian Join. What you do is weave several inches of the end of one skein into the beginning of another using a tapestry needle. It does thicken that part of the yarn a bit but its only maybe 3-4 inches so you dont really notice it unless its a real lacy pattern. I prefer it to knotting ends.


  5. Awesome! now i remember some one mentioning something like that years ago in C4L- musta been you!

  6. Yes, CA has brown-outs. In fact, it's brown-out season now! lol And yes, the zoning laws are lame :\ I figure we have more important things to worry about than the aesthetics of clotheslines...

    P.S. Yes, the book has 144 motifs ;)

  7. I like they way your BRANDING it looks really really nice!! Great new items your adding too!
    I was reading on and ETSY email I get on ideas on how to create more people to come and buy..did you get it?? Some great ideas and I didn't even watch the videos :)


  8. I don't think i got that email, unique! was it like a newsletter type thing?

    After a few posts about branding from The Soap Seduction, I decided that it was an important thing to do.
    I couldn't find the exact posts of hers, but here's her blog

  9. Yes, it was..I will look it up and see if I still have it. :) Had some really good info for sellers :)


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