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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

What to do with it?

I smashed out this little baby hat while waiting for 200 numbers before mine to be called.
Now i'm unsure of what i'll make to go with it. originally, i was going to make a pixie like hat for a new baby boy that i know of, but the pink speckles in it stand out more than i thought they would, so, this one may wind up in my studio along with a coordinating blankie or vest.

I have attempted to make this cardigan with the yarn i used to make the baby beanie, but it always came out doll sized. there is no guage for the pattern, so i found myself just working it over and over again until i got to a point wher it was obviously way wrong.
(to finally find that i need a K hook to get the size right)

So, i'm pondering- a sort of granny sqaure blanket with the speckled yarn as the centers and a baby blue yarn for the main color; or a baby cardigan to go with this hat?


  1. Your baby yarn color is one of my favorites. I think it looks particularly nice with white as the contrast color ;o) Happy Easter!

  2. Thanks mini! and oh no! is t hat a word whomp gopher?!? lol


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