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Saturday, April 25, 2009

One Way Ticket

I've been wanting to take my son to see some of his family in california for a little while now. We've decided on going to see the beach for sure, but i was hanging between some where parallel to fresno, where his grandparents and aunts live, or just taking him to see his dad in san diego.
a trip to san diego is shorter, and i think the beach would be fun, so i'm leaning towards going there.

after the recent plane crashes, (which all seem to be the small ones similar to what we'd be flying on) and which all have taken place close to landing...

I'm not wanting to get on a plane.

here's what i'm lookin at..

a greyhound bus ride for 2, one way:
8 hours with one transfer
$64 before tax

about an hour nonstop
$160 with tax and fees
during the morning

Now, call me a scaredy cat or whatever, but i've never really flown while the sun was out, so that's scary for me, BUT that one hour thing is looking good.

If we take the bus, we'll sleep through the trip and it's cheaper (but i'm also afraid to do this because ppl are crazy!)

Please take my poll and let me know what you think i should do, your input may help!


  1. good luck with this one... i fly a bit, but i've only ever flown red eye flights... for some reason i'm superstitious about it :blushes:

    regardless of how you get there, though, i hope you have a fabulous time!


  2. my thought is.. when its my time its my time and it isnt going to matter if I am on a bus or a plane or in bed sleeping... people are a bit crazy but a bus trip can be an adventure too.. the plane wont become too much a part of the vacation because it is so fast....either way the point would be to have blast!

  3. FLY!! Please fly. When my son was younger he wanted to take a train ride super bad. Well I decided to take the train to Vegas to see my best friend. On the trip home a train had derailed someplace so they put us on a bus. The woman who sat next to me on the very full bus was drunk and kept falling asleep with her mouth open on my arm. She dropped her bag and 3 full beers rolled out. I will never get on a bus again.

    Have a blast with your son San Diego is a wonderful place to spend time together.

  4. Thanks for the input guys.

    I'm feeling the same way about flying in the morning, jenn- i've only ever flown at night, and i kinda like not being able to see anything.

    I'm not worried about drunk bums, just as long as they shut up and i have gum. My concern is security- things don't get x-rayed and what not before we all get on like they do in an airport.

    Glass- i think my only biggest fear is dying and leaving my son behind- but i guess since we'll be side by side...

    I'm getting the feeling that when this is all over, i'll feel like an idiot for fretting over it so much now.


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