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Monday, April 20, 2009

more on my sprouts

Before they get any bigger- i wanted to post pictures of my little sprouts. a few are over 3 inches now, but weren't when i took this picture. i'm afraid that if i do plant them,they'll die, even though the packages say that i should be doing that now.

After GlassIdentities' mention of coffee for plants, i tried it and they sure enough sprouted even more the next day! the watermelon ones have a real looking leaf- the carrots have things on them that look like the tops of celery, and the flowers have about 6 leaves (not sure how many of them are "true") .

I did have them in the window, but i'm thinking about moving them to the back porch for some air and less harsh sunlight. some of the leaves on the flowers are showing signs of sun damage, even though i've been watering them every day. I'm going to hate thinning these babies, because i'd like to see all of them grow....

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