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Monday, April 06, 2009

More Sprouts!

I wanted to show these sprouts before even more cute things happen with my little planters-

I'm not sure what they are- either zinnias or larkspur. i love how a few of the sprouts on the left have the seeds still attached...
come to think of it, those are larkspur seeds, i think the zinnia seeds were way smaller. so i guess i've got both growing!

I'm starting to think that keeping them in the window is about to be not such a good idea. they're growing rapidly, and with the sun, drinking water like no one's business.
now i have to research if having such a fast start will effect the quality of the plant later- or if it's normal for them to grow within a blink of an eye.

one did wither away, but, it's alright- 10 out of about 14 planted is pretty good!


  1. Cuuute. I just got my onion sprout, and a pea started outside yesterday. I seeded my veggies for the garden yesterday, now I'm just waiting eagerly for them to pop up their little heads!

  2. This is my first attempt at a garden and i have no idea when i should plant them outside. have you been gardening for long?

  3. so totally cute.. and exciting.. I love it.. my herbs are doing the same thing in the window sill. growing so fast.. you can reall watch them grow... they do slow down a bit.. I hae now added some coffee grounds and stuff to mine.. about once a week i water them with watered down left over coffee.. they love it :)


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