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Saturday, September 06, 2008

i have to admit, i've been slackin a bit

i have to admit, i've been slackin a bit. but hopefully, i'll be able to make up for that today.

on thursday, we had some running around to do, so we thought we'd start our day early and go bowling. it was a struggle getting the kid dressed and out the door, but once he got there and strapped on his bowling shoes, he was ready to go. watching him bowl is kind of funny. the ball is too heavy for him and you can tell. they give you a kiddie ball which weights six lbs, but for a string bean kid who barely weighs over 30... picking that sucker up by the finger holes seems to be like a weeks worth of work out.
i had never been bowling with my mom and she did pretty well. i guess she used to go all the time when she was younger.
she won
then dominic
then me.

but let me say this for myself! (dominic used bumpers!)

it was so nice. after bowling, we went to sonic, dominc ordered the grilled chicken wrap, but hey brought him a sandwich instead and he did not care. he ate nearly the whole thing and some onion rings. that kid can eat. he just doesn't do it very often.

yesterday was a lazy day, but torwards the end of it, i got to working on kelly's bag again. i have teh straps attatched and now i just have the flap to do. oh yeah, and covering the strap attatchments. i got lazy and sewed them on using the machine, so now i'm paying for it by having to make a not so obvious cover up for that. it shouldn't be too hard, i think i'll sew some squares and then hand sew them on just a little.
i'm also thinking of crocheting in some wooden beads to the flap. just to give it something extra.

i started on a small hat, i was hoping for it to be sized for about a 2 year old, but, with my and my bad yarn estimates, i ran out and now i'm trying to figure my way out of that one.
you'd think i'm the kind of person who loves challenges, but i'm not!
i'm just a really poor planner of my projects.

i'm also just about done with a white and black fedora. it's growin on me. i can't wait to put it in my shop, i'm sure it'll go fast.

i've redone some pictures so i can renew a few things in my shop, as well as taken some of a set of dish cloths which i'll be offering in pairs, the first pair will be pick 2, the other will be what's left-unless i crank out some more any time soon.

dominic is still sleeping and ireally wish i had some decaf coffee to sip on right now. i feel like i haven't had coffee in ages, but with as busy as i've been lately, i'm missing snuggling up on the couch with a cup while watching something on tv land or the hallmark channel.

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