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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

what's up wit it?

here's what i'm doing right now.
trying to stay productive, while watching tv, lol

i'm almost done with my first special olympics scarf. i've decided to make this one in the rounds and i'll probably put some pom poms on each end. - well, one on each end, since it'll be a long oval

and these are coin purses i'm working on. i'm going to line them with light yellow cotton fabric and hopefully put zippers in them.
a fellow etsian, and etsymom passed on some zippers to me, so i can practice with out losing money. i'm hoping that including zippers on my pouches will help them move
it's like going high tech! lol
maybe one day, i'll even be able to crochet a hoodie and add a zipper to it!

Check out WylesStyle's shop! she has lovely hand sewn pouches of all kinds!


  1. Hey! It's so fun to see what you'll be using your zippers for! I'm so glad I got to pass them onto you! Thanks for the plug! :)

  2. Every thing looks great. :) Can't wait to see those coin purses when your done.

  3. You're just kickin' it aren't you? Nice work :)


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