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Sunday, September 21, 2008

what to be when i grow up?

that's a tough enough question with out throwing halloween into the mix.
i've never really dressed up for halloween other than for school days, and i've never been to a halloween party, so, this year is the year!

my friend always throws a party which is right around the corner, but i've never gone. i think we got dominic a costume last year, but we wound up going to my brother's instead.
last year it was spider man, this year, it will be spiderman again.. only the black one.
his old costume[that he never wore] is in storage, so, i guess i'll be springing for a new one. this year, he saw that spiderman costumes come with muscles, so of course, he wants that one.

me on the other hand, i want to be something funny.
at first i thought - I WANNA BE A LOBSTER!

but then i researched prices and well, 200 bucks for a lobster that i can't even eat is a bit much,

so then i said, well, maybe i'll just be a banana.

now, of course i'd wear tights with it instead of slacks, and i would paint my face yellow(i don't want to be a bad banana [one with a big brown spot on it lol!])

then i wanted to be storm

then i woke up.

Now, i'm thinking of being a bumble bee.
i didn't want a cute costume at first, but if you know me, you know that i think that bees are pretty effin scary.
so i'd go around going RAAAHH!
in this lol =-)

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