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Thursday, January 08, 2009

I feel like that little white rabbit

is it me, or are the seasons sneaking up this year. it seems like that it wasn't too long ago that i was scrambling to get christmasy things made and listed. now i'm thinking 'oh wow! it's almost valentines day!' and i haven't got too much listed that would fit that holiday.
it's the last 'big' one that people may buy cozy crocheted goodness for, so i'm feeling like 'im late, i'm late- for a very important date!'

i've cranked out lots of little hearts to sew to things and will be coming out with some pins soon.
(i may even get some done tonight to have listed by tomorrow evening.)
i'm still debating on whether or not i want it to be just the heart on the pin, or if i want to put a circle behind it, making it look like a patch type thing.

i've got a scarf and hat on the way as well. my goal was to have them listed by tonight, but i think i'll wait on that. i don't know how many ppl are up looking right now.

Here is a sneak peak of what they are. i think they're super cute, and i hope they'll go fast.

Hopefully i'll have this scarf and a few hats listed in my Artfire Studio here pretty soon.


  1. Love the little hearts on the scarf. Don't wait to never know who is looking to by. - CT

  2. Thanks guys! i did get around to listing a hat with the hearts on it, but the sun escaped before i could picture the pins =-\


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