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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Guess what i Got!

well, i haven't gotten it yet, but i did order it and so, i've got something to look forward to receiving.

a couple months ago, i did swear off buying anything ever again on etsy.
but it's full of such wonderful stuff that i just couldn't resist.

for a little while now, i've been wanting to learn to spin. i need to feel productive in some sort of way and i'm sure that this will help me out.
I've been very hesitant to buy one of these doo-dads from etsy because i've always found that shipping them was too high.

totaling about $10.75, i think it is, this thing is just perfect!

i had some funds in my paypal and so i got it!

it's been a while since i purchased something just for me, so i think i deserve it. and if i don't well, whatcha gonna do about it? lol

an old buddy from CFL, who now has her own shop full of greatness helped me find this wonderful spindle.

You can find her here on Etsy or simply click on the picture- it's one of my favorites in her shop.
Although she's named the colorway of this yarn "all that and a bag of chips", it reminds me of the sky. it's like a whole day full of sky in one roving.

My son and i were at the park yesterday evening and i swear the sky was that shade of blue- my favorite if there ever could be for the sky..
the street lights were on, birds were heading home, and stars began to twinkle. i love it!

anyway- check out her shop, she sells a bit of this and that and she's pretty cool too.

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