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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I'm thinkin mittens

I was so inclined to take a stroll this evening even though it's quite nippy out.

i love strolling and sorting thoughts- as a matter of fact, the other day, someone asked me what my favorite thing in the world to do was and i couldn't come up with an answer. he was sure that i would say yarn or crocheting or something like that. while i do love it, i don't think it's my favorite thing in the WORLD.

strolling just might be.
hearing and smelling home, being able to wander with my eyes closed with out getting lost (not that i would do that, but i'm sure that after 20+ years of living in the same place, i could do it.)
and this all reminds me of this song by Adele. she definately isn't talking about las vegas, but i do feel like she's singing my song.

Back to my point-
some one asked me if i would make them mittens and my answer was no way. not even for 100 bucks!
there's something about mittens and slippers that just don't appeal to me. i hardly want to touch them, but i always wind up making at least one pair of slippers per year.
while i was bopping along to the tunes in my head, my brother rang my phone, as he often does while he's on break.
we chatted and i tell ya, my hand nearly grew a complimentary set of cicles.

so, i'm considering making a pair or two of mittens, perhaps valentines day themed.
i picked up some awesome red heart yarn, as well as some lion brand satin and some vanna's choice that is super soft from Michael's.
i just have to find a mitten pattern that will allow me to use this worsted weight stuff and get crankin!

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