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Sunday, August 03, 2008

people keep popping out of the woodwork asking me, 'hey, where's my hat?'.
i'm like, dude, lol, what are you talkin about!
so, i'm working on a hat for one of them. it'll be solid chocolate brown with some kind of patch that i haven't been able to find yet. i started on one for him a couple of weeks ago and it was turning out to be way too small so i started over a couple of nights ago and i think i've got it right. in order to get the gauge right, i had to use hdc's instead of sc's and go up one hook size. i love the way the smaller stitches look but it's very tedious to use sc's for a large-extra large hat.
i've been on the look out for a dark colored round elastic to use in the hats, but have been unable to find any. i did find a some 1/4'' i forget what its kind is elastic that's black, so i'm going to try that and hope that it does the trick. i could have this bad boy done tonight, but not having the patch is giving me an excuse to set it aside for now.

i've picked up some 7 inch granny squares that i have the intention of making into a blanket. there are 8 of them in all. i want to do something where they are arranged in a border around a middle that is done in rows, but i've fallen short on coordinating yarn. i thought i had a whole skein of the blue yarn, but when i went digging, all i came up with was another WIP, which is the round ripple that i totally forgot about. i've got a lot of purple and the multi- pink, white and purple, but i don't think it'll go with what i'm doing with the squares so far.
i'm starting to realize that the massive amount of unfinished projects that i have laying around is due to the fact that i don't really plan a project. i just pick up what yarn i have and get going on it, while i hope that it works out in the end.
i really should stop doing that.
i don't want to have to do another granny square anytime soon and i don't want to buy anymore yarn right now, but i have enough blue to get away with it (the granny) for this one.
perhaps i'll just pull out the round ripple and finally finish it.

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