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Sunday, July 27, 2008

am i on a roll with these posts or what?

i'm determined to finish this coin purse that i'm working on tonight.
but i'm taking a break from putting the applique on the front because well, it's tiring. i still have to sew the liner in, too, but that should go fairly quickly because i've done it before.

last year, i bought a whole bunch of fiber scraps from a shop on etsy that are just too cute with the hopes of doing appliques on my purses and coin pouches, but i hadn't been able to get to them until recently.
i've been thinking about which way i want my crocheting to go or if i even want otbe bothered with it at all. the solution i've come up with is to make lots of small things rather than focusing on one long, boring project at a time. so, right now, i'm sitting with a couple of coin purses, one shoulder pouch- i can't decide whether i want to line it or not, kelly's bag {still}, a spider that needs a face, and spools of crochet thread that i've pulled out in anticipation of the clips and buttons i've ordered arriving.
my space is a bit cluttered right now, but it's all good.

i recently joined a new crochet group which is doing a christmas in july contest and i'm having the darndest time finding a project that i think would do the trick.
i still have nearly a whole big spool of that christmas cotton yarn i HAD to have last year and it's lookin me right in the face. the members of the group are really talented, and i have a little belief going on that so am i, so i don't want to bust out with something like a simple dishcloth done in red white and green yarn.
i guess it's a good thing that i want to do more. this may be called - being encouraged to be better.

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