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Friday, November 13, 2009

A New 4

Hey folks,
I just wanted to pop in and show you the newest Items in my shop. They just happen to be the top 4 in my shop's gallery.

The Red and White Peppermint Stick Scarf is my current favorite.
Measuring about 83 inches long and finished with a single pom-pom on each end, it's a fin way to get into the holiday spirit. Here I am modeling it:
I got the idea from my Halloween tube scarf. It's so Fun!

My other 3 newest items would make great stocking stuffers for yourself, a sister, or a girlfriend. Perhaps she's got a cute little short do and loves jazzing it up with hair clips and pins. A handmade hair clip would be the perfect addition to her collection, for sure.

And you can't go wrong with my neutrally colored gray and black flower/ snowflake pin. I think that when I first made it, my vision was of a fluffy, inviting snowflake, but the more I looked at it, the more I saw that it could also be called a flower.
Call it what you like, it's cute and is also a great winter accessory.
In the picture below, I jazzed up one of my mom's black leather purses with it. It would also look good on a fabric or textile bag.

You know, I never really know how to end a post like this one. Usually when I'm talking to some one face to face, I'll just say, 'ok bye' but how do you officially close a blog entry? lol

Oh yeah! - a little side note- I'm going to be putting a blog badge on here pretty soon, so that if some one out there loves my blog as much as I do, they can just grab it and hook it up to theirs.
With that, I'd love to start adding other crafter's badges to my page's middle and right side columns, so if you've got a badge with a code under it that I can grab- Let me know =-)


  1. I love the scarf.. so much fun :) I cant wait to get your blog button/badge.. I do not have one for my blog yet.. might have to add that to my plans for the weekend.

  2. I'm looking for a way to make a grab-able button with out haven't to deal with html. So far, all I've found is tutorials.


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