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Monday, November 30, 2009

Hey! Where's That gift Guide?

I really wanted to continue on the path of the gift guide with 'gifts for dad' following my 'gifts for mom' post, but I found it really difficult to pretend what I would get a dad if I had one.
I've grown up being raised by my mother, and a couple of aunts, so I think I will skip the dad guide this  year. next weekend, I'll be back with gifts for brothers. (I do have 2 of those!)

While I don't have a whole guide worth of items that would be nice for dad, I did pick a few that I would get a boyfriend/ husband or just important guy in my life if there was one.




  1. I'm going to get a set for dominic and me. He's been begging to wear his dress shirt and tie to school, but I don't let him because I don't want him to be the weird kid. Is that weird?
    I think these shirts are a great compromise, but I may break in and let him wear his church clothes too.


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