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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Still Pluggin Along Here

What feels like forever ago, some one was looking for a specific type of hat here online, but was unable to find it. That some one stumbled upon my Artfire studio and a hat that was quite similar, but still not quite what he was looking for, so we decided to work it out.

He wanted a hat with a hard bill and small stitches in a custom size and I accepted the challenge.

(The first draft of the hat)

This one was a bit smaller than we would have liked. I didn't forsee the bend in the bill taking some of the measurement off and making it a bit tighter than with out one, so I re-did it.

(The final Version)

This one is a bit bigger than before- I made a different bill for this one. Honestly, I liked the first one better and will probably try to duplicate the look of it later on.

I wound up making the hat twice and getting about 3 extra bills out of the proccess, so now I think I'm going to try a short billed beanie with what I have.

Who knows- a signature product may have been born out of this whole experience.


I'm starting to hear that the weather is changing outside of my little las vegas world. While i've been wishing that that were the case here- (mainly while walking my son to and from school with the sun blazing and sweat pouring), I haven't really been preparing for this year's cold weather season.

I'm looking forward to going totally store and shop wide with free shipping. It's going to take a few days to get there, though, with my 100+ items up for sale.

I've refreshed this Fall Handbag in my studio:

You can find this purse here with free shipping!

Be sure to be on the look out for that feature along with new seasonal items!

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  1. hat looks great... I like the first one too :) Will be cool to see what you come up with next. It has been cooling down here a bit but this last weekend was Nice! Hoping to get to vegas again this year and hoping it is not too hot there when we do :)


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