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Thursday, September 24, 2009

I've got stocking stuffers on the Brain!

The more I dive into my inventory, the more stocking stuffer potentials I come across. I'm trying to get better photos of my things and get them picked up by google by trying a few holiday SEO optimization suggestions that I got from Artfire's Promote/Learn section.

I found this one along with a couple others in the bin:

Last year, I did some features with stocking stuffer suggestions. This year, I think I will read a few gift guides and perhaps try to fashion my features after this idea. I've got a brother who loves to lay around and watch tv when he's not working himself to death, a son who is 6 and loves video games, a mother who is not too picky but loves things that are pink and practical, and an aunt who never throws anything away, and can find the beauty in the most pitiful looking things.

So, perhaps doing a mini gift guide will help me drum up ideas on what to get them while commiting to a Handmade Christmas, while giving others a direction to go in as well..

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