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Sunday, September 20, 2009

From That to This

I've recently decided to get back to the basics of things as far as what I'm making for my shop and what I'm doing with life in general.

With that, I've decided to break down my bath accessories sets, so first up on the break is this one:

Originally $15, I offered 4 towels and 2 facial scrubbies. I've reduced this offering to 2 towels and 3 facial scrubbies. Now priced at $7 (and with free shipping worldwide, that's a steal!)

I've still got several smaller sets to list so be sure to check out my twitter channel for updates and announcements on those =-)


  1. that is a good idea.. I have to say.. your photos are looking so good.. and having some of your items myself I can say that they now match better... your stuff is so wonderfully made and the photos show that.. I also love the colors you use :)

  2. Thanks so much! I'm trying =-)
    I've been told that fiber is one of the hardest things to photograph accurately, but I'm glad to know i'm getting there! (just leave it to me to wait until there are fewer day light hours to catch on) lol


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