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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Loot

i've been a busy gal..

after i got all that yarn that i told you about last time, i got a custom order for a pair of arm warmers for which i used the pink. so, of course, i had to go back to get some more! The person liked them so much that she's asked me to make her a pair of legwarmers as well. i've never made a pair of legwarmers, so i'm going to wait until i feel like froggin to get to it.

i've had a couple of purses on the back burner because i didn't have either handles or lining for them, so, i hit up hancocks and came home with this:

absolutely enough fabric to get things done with. i've already gotten to using the pink and the burgundy.
This purse is something different for me, and i'm happy to say that i love the way it turned out. right now i'm taking a break from the sewing machine. i'm making a sister to it, which will have a pink handle and reverse colors for the lining. for some reason, i'm totally off tonight, and couldn't get through sewing the dang pocket so i had to ...
and blog.

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