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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Made it Myself

i'm almost dying for a 3 column blog. and i almost got it last night. i found a site that showed ya how to do it and i did it, but i changed my layout and it went bye bye.
is that sucky or what.
i've started listing stuff on Made it Myself. it's not that i'm totally giving up on etsy...
as stuff gets ready to expire on my etsy, i'm going to list it on MiM.
and this is the reason i want a 3 column blog. one side for each thing.

the other day, i was in the mood to make coasters. it's been so long since i worked with thread that i couldn't find my hooks- i also forgot how bad it hurt after a while.
so, i got about 1/3 way through one coaster and quit.
yes, you're such a quitter!

i did finish a toddler's hat, i'll post pics later.

i want to start working on some more purses like the burgundy rave one i have. those are nice!

but, i'm in the mood now to make coin purses. i'm still excited about working iwth zippers.
tiny linings for the coin purses - not so much.
i'm debating on whether or not a zippered, but not lined crocheted coin purse should even exsit.

i'm going to give it a try any way, part because i'm lazy, part because i just want to get some done already. there's nothing that you could fit in a coin purse that should be poking out of the bottom anyway.
this is my rationalization.

tonight, i'll attempt the 3 column blog again, i'm sure not for the last time.

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