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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Link Love Links of Stuff I Love

A lot of people are doing a discussion on their website's facebook pages called "Link Love", which is meant to be a place to share links and network on one another's pages with out being spammy.
The Discussion page is an easy one to be forgotten, so I've decided to go through and pick some things from people's shops that I just love and share them with you here.
Link Love can be a great place to pool inspiration for blog posts =)

From BarbsMacrameandMore, I found this Jute Plant Hanger with Yellow Beads.
Jute Plant Hanger with Yellow BeadsI love this one of course, because one of my favorite colors is yellow.  And I don't think you could go wrong inside or out  with this plant hanger.

From GardenofYarn on Etsy, I totally dig these Fingerless Gloves which are a wool blend.
Fingerless GlovesThe yarn used to make them varies between purple and teal and seems to be made from a fine textured yarn.  Great for some one who loves to read or chat online, I think.

And from letamariedesigns, a pair of black enamel Teardrop Earrings with Sterling Silver Peace Sign
Black Enamel Teardrop with Sterling Silver Peace SignI love that this pair of earrings is simple and stylish.  I think they could be worn with pretty much anything and to almost anywhere.

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