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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Counting Blessings

Hey Folks!
     I hope every one is enjoying the holiday season and is having a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and is looking forward to a Happy New Year!
It's hard some times, to see through the effects that the recession has had on us, our communities, and loved ones, but I think that there is much for us as a people to look forward to.
If we learn nothing else in these times,  I really hope that we take away a true appreciation for the little things in life.
    While Thanksgiving Day has come and gone, I am always thankful for the great people in my life and the wonderful little blessing that are brought to me through them.  Having a mom who will sub for me while  I'm at work, getting some 'out of the house' time, or even sleeping is a blessing that I am very thankful for.  My older brother, no matter how stagnant I was, has never looked down on me and sometimes still buys his kid sister a Happy Meal from time to time.  People like him are blessings- I hope that we all recognize who they are.
New friends who are willing to share and enlighten you with their beliefs and faith, especially when you really just needed to hear it... I think these types will be friends for a life time and are blessings sent through Jesus Christ himself.

On Thanksgiving, we give thanks, but how many of us count our blessings on this day?



  1. Wonderful post! I have always thought this time of year is perfect to focus on the little things and big things we are thankful for.. and to focus on sharing thanks with those people... and to not focus so much on the material aspects that tend to take over if we are not careful. On that note.. you are someone I am thankful for... being able to bounce ideas off of you and for all the support you give and share. Thank you!

  2. I feel the same about you- your input keeps my inspiration going. And when I feel like stuff may not be great, you make it seem okay. I'm thankful for you, too <3


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