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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Please be peas!

I don't know exactly how long ago it was that i planted these peas, but they're finally looking like they're going to give me peas.

I've enjoyed having a reason to go outside and i do so about 3 times a day, just to see how much the tendrils have grown and wrapped themselves around.

but today, i noticed a bud!

it's looking like i might get actual peas!

I didn't know about that old trick of planting another set when my first seedlings had 2 sets of leaves, so i'm a bit behind on that- but after a soak, i'll be planting more.


I did have an orange plant growing- it had a whole 3 leaves on it, but a wind blew through and knocked it over. it wasn't until it was all dry and blown away that i noticed the loss =-(

so, here i made some seed pots from newspaper and planted lemon seeds from lemons my aunt grew out in california.

the lemons aren't as quick to sprout, but having planted 6, i'm hoping for at least 2 trees.
*crosses fingers*

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  1. Yeah!! love the photos.. and love that someone else is running outside to see what is happening in the garden as often as I am :)


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