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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Congrats to Angelo!

Yesterday was the big day for my little brother after 13 years of school (as he counts kindergarten, too) lol.

I'm way happy for him, but also glad that the day has come and gone. making sure that everything was in order and what not for it has taken up a lot of time.

I'm looking forward to getting on to my projects and perfecting my pictures. i put together a light box, but unfortuntely, the bulbs i have to use with it are not strong enough- 60 watt equivalents, i think. I was using them for reading, and had hoped that i could use them for this purpose- eh, maybe it'll work a lot better if i try it in the day.

I got the tutorial to make it from CETphotography's Blog


  1. way to go little brother!! It is my kids doing the graduating.. and I do understand what you are saying.. it is so wonderful and such a proud moment... but a lot of work. I love your photos from the light box ( saw them on twitter ) and was going to ask how you made the box.. now i am off to check it out Thanks!

  2. thanks =-)
    my pics of my fiber things aren't coming out as nicely as that strawberry, so i've got to work on it, but your pics will come out great, i know- if you make one.


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