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Thursday, June 04, 2009

I'm a little behind on things here

Aiming to do a weekly feature may have been a bit ambituous for my personality type. (i'm always rushing, aften late, and way too lax about some things)

I've been spinnin a lot lately. with my excitement about making coin purses and other hand spun items, i've been neglecting blogging and even listing the things i've made.

The pile is growing and growing =-(

I've been having a tough time photographing these things- all but the orange flower - which i will be offering with the option to have it made into either a hair clip or brooch- are hard as hell to photo correctly. i just can't seem to figure out the blues and purples. the flower on top is made of hand felted wool. the blue is darker than shown up there and is kind of purple-ish, but in order for me to show the true color, the picture has to be darker than i'd like.

on the bottom coin purse (which is zippered) that purple is darker as well andthere is more contrast between the colors.
-insert sigh-

if any one out there has any suggestions- i'm all eyes and willing to soak them up.

Back to the weekly feature thing-
i'm going to shoot for bi-weekly, because sure i could just pick something randomly, but i'd like to be able to really talk about what i'm featuring, so that will hopefully be a better idea.
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  1. I am really horrible at the photo part.. but I do think all of your photos are GREAT! I love the colors.
    *sorry no help really*

  2. thanks! i'm thinking the solution may be to either ask the person i got the roving from how she photographed her pictures to be so true to color, or ask for permission to use hers to cut the colors and just say something like
    * the actual color is represented in the last pic* .. i don't know, i'm stumped. maybe time for a new camera.


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