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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Stocking Stuffers on Etsy

Man, i tell ya, finding a stocking stuffer for a guy on etsy is not the easiest thing to do. perhaps my method is just flawed. (skipping around on the almost 1,000 pages that i get from the search).

fortunately, i found this before i got too frustrated.
There are a couple of guys that i know who would love getting one of these necklaces.
it's customizable, so you can add a favorite number, jersey number, or age.
the beads can be changed to match team or favorite colors too.

This and a few other style of necklace can be found in Giftsforkids' shop.

this shop is not limited to stuff for boys, either, she's got things ranging from way girly to suitable for your little (or not so little) tough guy.

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