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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm up to!

i was really wanting to show off my 4 scarves that i have finished for the Olympics, but they seem to have taken legs. i'm sure my mom put them out of the way some place, like she always does, but man a small WIP bag never hurt nobody!

i'm still debating on whether or not to wash them before i send them. i'm almost certain that i won't be adding fringe or pom poms, as i've run out of blue. i can't wait to get them sent off, i t'll feel great.

I had been working on some cell phone carriers for a while, and i finally got a chance to list them. i'm very happy with the way they came out. i'm almost tempted to keep them and give them as gifts for my own peeps, but that's only an almost- i'd like them to sell for sure!

I have a few more ready for hooks, but i don't really feel like sewing right now. i'm sure my motivation will be greater tomorrow.

now, i just feel like sitting on my bean bag chair while sipping my apple juice and listening to music. or better yet, while watching old episodes of house [drool].
This purse has been nearly done for a long time. i can't decide on the handle for it. looking at the picture now, i think it looks great, and i don't know what the reason is behind it's delay.

but while working on it, i started to wonder if the black was too harsh. it's got awesome fall colors in it, reds, browns and gold. i'm almost wanting to find a lighter color for the handle. a bone or gold perhaps.
this one will have a flower pin like the other 2.
[eeek] i just remembered that i haven't photo-ed the flower pin for the burgundy one!
what is life with out a to do list!

anywho, tell me what you think of it. should i call it done or add a differnt colored handle?

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