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Thursday, July 10, 2008

i don't know what i was thinking, or if i even was when i decided to line kelly's bag. i'm in the final steps of getting if finished and i'm looking at it like, whoa... what now.

i didn't consider the strap when i lined it, so now that i've made one for it, it looks like i'm going to have to attach it on the outside and through the inside. it shouldn't look too bad if i can hand sew it straight. (that's going to be way hard!)
so, i'm trying to think of ways to attach it with out making it look too tacky. i may have to get some hardware for it. i'm thinking some square rings to loop the strap through, but if i go that way, i may as well make it adjustable.
and well,
that's more work than i intended it to be.
i intentionally left the flap until last, because i machine sewed the liner in and i didn't want to have a problem with it getting in the way, i tell ya, i've tacked more stuff together while using the machine than i'm willing to admit.

so, 2 steps left to go on that bad boy then it'll be a gift!

i've been wanting to make this lady named kelly a gift for a while now because she's been such a good customer. i know she likes dark green, so i chose to make her a bag using aunt lydia's denim in what ever color this's been a while since i purchased it and the label is long gone. it's dark green with light green and beige, lighter than worsted weight. oh wait, maybe it's that Royale stuff. hmm, i dunno. at any rate, i'm glad i got it

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