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Sunday, June 15, 2008

i've never been looking forward to doing laundry as much as i have been lately.
we've been back in our house for a couple of weeks now but we still haven't gotten our washer back. as much as i love having a reason to toss clothes anywhere they choose to fall,(i also lack a hamper), my list of wearable stuff is getting low as the pile morphs into a taunting monster with incredible jeans.

for the past 7 months, we've been relocated to a house just down the street which was equipped with side by side- this lovely because here, at our actual house, the dryer is in the garage while the washer is all the way down stairs- washer and dryer. oh how i loved that!
being away from home wasn't entirely too harsh. the house we moved into look almost exactly like the one we have and it's within walking distance to this one, so we didn't have to forward any mail, we could just stroll to box and get it ourselves.

and so the bush is beaten around.
i've been sitting down to write a blog that would explain my whereabouts and crochet goings on ever since i got the internet back, but i've always found myself drifting to the right, winding up on other people's blogs, in awe of all the lovely pictures and info that just calls to be noted.

here goes:
last November, after thanksgiving day, we had a lil fire that resulted in the the whole upstairs of our house having to be redone.
so we moved.
the fire was only in one room, but because the house was so old, it wasn't up to code in a lot of areas and was found to have asbestos.
while in the other house, i had no cable and didn't have my own computer.
a day or so after the fire, thieves decided to come in and take what they wanted which included my 2 computers, printer/scanner and my cable modem. how lame, huh?
so, i'd steal away to the library every once in a while to get my fill of being online, but they only give you an hour, so i couldn't do much.
which is why i 'closed' my lil etsy shop for a while. i didn't know if my stock was destroyed or what and i had no way of filling orders if they did come in.

the funny thing about this is, it all survived. but i don't have the desire to be online 23 hours a day anymore. so, 'm rethinking the etsy thing while looking at all this still good but semi-smoky stuff i have.

all in all, the situation sucked, but it wasn't too bad. we're all alive and well and becoming better people as a result of it.

a couple of my fellow etsyians made being away from home more comfortable for me by sending me yarns to work with!
of course they're fellow crocheters too- we are lovely people.

lots of thanks to terra and jodi!

visit jodi's shop

visit terra's shop

rather than jumping right in and making things for profit with what they gave, i'm going to make some stuff for charity and donate it. lots of baby booties and things like that.
i think it's only right that i share the love.

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  1. OMG Nisha ~ I had no idea! I'm so glad you and your baby are OK! Just let me know if you need anything. Very glad to have you back and safe!


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