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Sunday, September 30, 2007

lets make playdough!

i don't know why i don't just go out and buy the stuff. that would be SO much easier.
last month, i made my first attempt at making the kid some home made dough. i thought, he's always messing it up, so this way will be cheaper. he got a play dough station for Christmas which included 5 big things of dough, none of which are still alive.

so, the first recipe i tried called for corn starch, salt, and water. THAT was a disaster. lol!
i wound up making a corn starch bomb that exploded all over me. at first, i thought it was going to eat me alive because it felt a little funny, but i wasn't about to go hop back into the shower, because it was still early, so i wore it all day.

before giving up, i thought i'd try one more recipe, which was a flour, corn starch, and glue one. i don't know why i thought i could get some playdough out of that. it just looked like inedible bread dough and was killer to get out of the bowl.

ah well, his birthday is coming up, perhaps some playdough along with the moonsand then.

last night, i started on a belt for my mother. i had gotten 2 things of nylon yarn for no good reason a while back and i have never worked with nylon before so i said, sure, why not!
it's almost done - i had to take a break because i was getting a bruise on my finger. at first, i was going to make one that mimicked one that she has that's got 2 rows of eye holes, or what ever they're called but, in order to keep it simple so that i can do more projects before i either find a job, or get busy selling, she's going to get the kind that you just jab the belt loop thing through.

it's really windy here and COLD. i have been looking forward to fall, but man, it seems like we skipped the introduction out here. there is no easing into seasons lately.
i love going to the park, and i was hoping to have the kid's b-day outside this year, but with the wind and the cold, and people not getting off work until 5, i think i'll just cook something and have it inside. he requested an ice cream cake. i got the cutest doodle for it from a seller on etsy. i'll post a pic of it after his b-day.
it's time to put pot on, mornings like this are perfect for roaming around the house with my zip up blankie and crocheted slippers on while sipping on a cup of coffee.


  1. How does one go about getting these here slippers....? And a zip up blankie.....? I think working may be overrated....

  2. Lanee, thanks for visiting my blog :) Glad you like the scarf.

    I have one of those zip up blankies, too. I had one years ago that I got as a gift and I wore it out, so last year I bought myself one as a Christmas gift :) Now I just have to crochet myself a pair of slippers.... ;)

  3. As I recall (going into the wayback machine now), Play Doh had a salty taste. Try adding salt! LOL


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