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Friday, September 14, 2007

19 of 100

kinda sounds like my borg association number.

i've started another ripple, this time, not round. the colors i'm using are dark sage, sage, and off white in caron. i got the order for this blanket last week and hope to have it done by next week some time, but definately before october gets here. i'm adding up my son's birthday wish list and well, damn! he's only turning 4, i can't even think of what it will look like in a few years. he wants moonsand, which i've ordered, but i doubt it will be here before his b-day, which is on the 9th because although i ordered it a few days ago, the amount hasn't been taken out of my account. i'm going to call them after i get done here. he also wants a spiderman sleeping bag and some heelys. i don't know about the shoes because he doesn't even use his heels to walk. (i know, i'm trying to get him off his toes, but i dunno, he's stubborn)
i've been crocheting a lot lately. i'm finding that lately, yarning over and weaving in is giving me more purpose than it ever has.

since i've blogged, i've finished:
  1. a blue ribbon bag- for which i had to ream some metal beads- not fun!
  2. a little girl's winter set which includes a newsboy hat and scarf.
  3. a camo colored skully for a friend,
  4. 1 female hat in pink
  5. 1 female hat in cabana print
  6. 1blue kangol style hat
  7. 1 brown baseball cap styled cap
  8. one beige O.G. styled hat
  9. a light blue coin purse
  10. a girly baby blanket
  11. some flower hair pins
so, i guess i've been busy. i call the girl blanket finished, but i still want to put a label on it, when i get around to it. the majority of what i've done was mindless crochet, with no intentions of listing on etsy, but, some have made their way there. i've had the darndest time trying to photograph orange with my ever so lovely digital camera. it's quite frustrating because the oranges that i have are brilliant and warm. i'd love to share them with the whole wide world!

i think mini first pointed me to the tandy leather shop website, (which is a bit overwhelming)
but i found out today that they have a shop here in town that is not too far away from where i live. so, i'm hoping to go there soon. that tote will be finished one day!

here are the pics, you kin guess which is which.

dude, that took forever, i'll bbl.

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