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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Oh, the baby stuff!

I have 2 cousins who are pregnant. one is due next month and the other some time in june. i have yet to crochet anything for people outside of this house so i thought i'd go on a little crochet adventure with these opportunities. baby blankets all around!
i had started on one using the jamie yarn that i have before i knew about the new comers. i have a LOT of jamie so i'm going to put it to work. they're going to be yellow, and they don't photograph well, but i swear i've been working on them. (ok, not lately but they're 'the works').
i couldn't get them to photograph right for the life of me. it seems that when i get to the 1/4 mark on these little blankets, the goin gets tough and i just can't seem to get the motivation back. so, i've got to add 2 blankets and a bunting to my WIP's.
Look what i found in my closet! Oh the good ole days come back to me, the ones way back when i didn't know the value of a skien of yarn! you best believe that i didn't give up on this one. it's now sitting pretty in nice little balls waiting to be made into something girly. it's not more than 2 ounces but i think i can squeeze a hat or two out of it.

I've just set up a myspace profile for my shop on etsy. see here.
i've not been feeling too good lately but i wanted to do some blogging sooo bad.


  1. That yarn does look good. Good luck on the baby stuff and hope you can get some good pics! Oh and I can't forget that I hope you feel better! *hugz and some soup*

  2. Crocheting for babies is so much fun :) Here's a little kick to keep the motivation up (I know the routine LOL)

    Feel better soon!


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