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Monday, November 13, 2006

i'm up

i feel: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Restless
so this morning i woke up as a result of fatigue. i didn't make my goal of having my swap sent out by last week. i didn't realize that mail didn't run on saturday. i thought it wasn't going to run on friday because school was out and it said 'observed' on the calender. i could have sworn that the news person said stuff would be closed on friday. i rarely catch the news because i tend to listen to it half assed and get all the info messed up.
i must have slept the whole weekend because getting the package mailed was on my mind major this morning. i can't find my tape or the extras i got to send along with it. i was planning on printing a label and dropping it by the mailbox for the guy to pick it up. i don't feel as bad as i would have because i got an email from my partner letting me know when she might mail mine. i'm still not liking not having mailed it out but, what can i do? (be a bit more organized, maybe?)
gosh, i think my body is in shock from being up so early. it's nearly 10am here but i tend to sleep days during the winter so this is pretty early. i can't wait for thanks giving to come and go. when is it anyway? i'm not a holiday type of person. i'm looking forward to thanksgiving passing because i know that after that, there will only be so many days until the dreaded christmas is over with. NEXT WEEK! i just checked the calender and it's next week!
my brother will be moving out this week. i'd like to see how that goes. we're huge procrastinators so i'm sure it will be last minute. his truck was wrecked last week so he's out of a vehicle. which sucks. i'm still angry at the cosmos for all they've been pooping on my brother. there doesn't seem to be a cause. perhaps they're getting ready to rain money on him or something. this is the second vehicle of his that's been hit while parked by people who didn't seem to care enough to take others into consideration.
i got to talk to james this weekend but it didn't go as i had expected or liked. i'm reaching for topics of conversation with him as his deployment nears. he says we'll be able to see him before he leaves but i'm still hoping hoping that we do. i have lots of pictures to take of him and dominic. i've gotten used to not having memories or pictures of my 'father'. i don't want dominic to be the same way.
the stomach is confused because i would usually be sleeping so i'm going to go get it something to rumble around until i feel like cooking.

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