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Saturday, November 25, 2006

i got angels!

feelin kinda Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting :excited!

so, i signed up for an angel exchange months ago - or at least it feels that way. we were to have our angels delivered to our partners by thanks giving. i was a bit worred about getting mine out on time so i got started early. i've been wanting to share what i was sending but i didn't want my partner to see. (just in case she ever comes this way) so, here they are. that's a lot of thread for a yarnie! i was fretting over the bows for a while. i finally decided, after a trip to walmart which was fruitless, to use what i had. i like the way they turned out. my partner said she liked them and her grand-daughter liked them so, yay for spoon angels!

here's what i got:
this picture isn't really doin justice but i got some really nice angels. i'm happy! can't wait to bust out the christmas stuff and blend these in with them. my favorite it is the clothespin angel. i came across the pattern on the web and passed it up- i'm glad my partner decided to use it, it's my favorite one of the bunch.

In other news:
i finished the manly hat finally. i should have guessed when i was about half way done with it that it would be too small for my friend. it's tight on my own head, which is about 21'' around. i used the largest hook called for on the patter and still came out tight. perhaps i take out my tensions on my crochetings or something because i'm finding that my gauge is not the same as it used to be. i'm looking for a solid L and M hook. i have an N and a P but those are way too large. i found a hook that was a bit larger than a US K on ebay but it came in a set and had to come from where ever pounds are used as currency. so, shipping equaled the cost. i didn't get them. i might have to break down ad go for the ole crystallites or treat myself to a wooden one. i was wanting a metal one because i like the weight on them. it seems that it gives me leverage when getting a groove going on when crocheting. (you know the groove i'm talkin about- on a roll and going quick).
so, maybe some slippers or other warmer type things.
oh snap, matlock's on, gotta go!


  1. My oh my! You've been busy! Lots of scarves, purses, hats and angels :) Nice job on all of them!

  2. P.S. I was in Joann's today and they have metal L and M hooks under their store brand name Sensations :o)


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