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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

i attempted a bear

so, my friend joe's b-day was weeks ago and i wanted to send him a special gift. i'm broke so of course it would be something crocheted. i tell ya though, there aren't a lot of crochet patterns out there for men. i wouldn't know where to begin as far as male appreciation for yarn things. i made my james a blanket 3 years ago and he liked it. he's a sentimental guy anyway. i've also been struggling for an idea of something useful to make him that he'd like. my first choice would be a meal but that's impossible right now.
so, back to my friend joe. i've known him for a little over 5 years now. we're pen pals, have never met but he's nice to talk to. i can talk bathroom humor with him and he doesn't mind. a lot of people like to act like they don't go poo or it's just an absurd topic of conversation. no matter how different our lives are, we both take shits.
i thought i'd make him a bear. the only other stuffed animal that i've made was a dog and i don't think it turned out right. i've never made a bear or really looked at a bear pattern. here is what i came up with:
i got as far as the legs. i decided to make the head first. i wanted it to be a big headed bear but it didn't work out that way. i should have made the body first. (notice the orange in the back ground. i'm hoping to have a halloween set done soon. the scarf is on it's way)
i think it was the color that made me lose interest. red is joes favorite color. it's my least favorite. so i found myself unable to stay put while working with it. i'm still going to use the red but i will do something a bit smaller and quicker.
to make a long story short- because i'm tired and would like to lay down, i frogged it all and decided to make a bear that i found on crochetville.

i'm hoping to have it in the mail by next week- about a month after his b-day. it's all good thought because he knows what the deal is with the fundage.

and there is is with the head. i guess it would have been okay. the arms were hard to figure out. i was having the most trouble with the tops of the arms, would i attach them like the legs or made the tops round and connect it some other way?
i have too much on my plate right now to figure it out.

dominic got the curious george movie for his b-day. i'd like to watch it but he loves to act movies out. so he's bouncing around the room. either way, my head is hitting the pillow.

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  1. Nisha,
    You've got a great start on that bear! I cannot wait to see the finished product. Which pattern are you using? (is it Nina's Bear?)



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