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Friday, October 06, 2006

oh angel, where are you?

i signed up for an angel swap in CTB about a month ago. we got our partners last week and have until thanks giving to get our package to them. well, it's supposed to be there by thanks giving.
i saw and fell in love with a little book on ebay. clothespin angels! they're so cute. so, i got the book yesterday. my payment through paypal was hung up for a bit there for some reason. i won nit a week ago.
anyway. i've been debating, spoon angels or clotehspin angels. i'm in a worse posistion than i was in before the book! then i only had one option. i got spoons and little wooden craft balls and i have yet to find wookden clothespins anywhere. i'm going to try michaels when i go out again. the lady who i bought the book from sent me 10 free clothespins. so that's a good thing. this book is larger than i expected it to be. it only has a bout 5 pages but it's nice. in better condition than i was expecting to. visit the store where i won it on ebay.
i couldn't wait to try this out so i made the lower blue one. the trim on the dress is so cute but i always have problems with the sleeves. i just can't seem to get the chain spaces count right. one was bigger than the other and i was like oh no, i can't send this.
so now i'm going back to giving the spoon angels a try. i'm hoping to have another one ready by tonight.
if you haven't heard, my little brother plays for the varsity football team now so w0ot w0ot!
he has a game tonight. - which reminds me, i need to charge the batteries for the camera. hopefully we'll go. it's been nippy out and i'm not wanting dominic to get sick. i've been planning on making him a little beanie. i'm going to do that after i'm done here. i wanted to make him a camoflauge one but it doesn't look too good on him so i'm going to dig throught the stash and see what other colors i have. he looks good in blue so maybe i'll go there. for some reason, when i tried to make him one last night it came out to be adult sized and flat on the top. i think it has to do with how many stitches i start out with. i'm going to try to stay away from multiples of 5 because it turns into a pentagon.
and here's my little button sleeping with Twinkie.

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