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Saturday, September 09, 2006

some updates on what i'm doing

i found time to work on the rug while iw as watching matlock early- or late one day. i've decided that the cross stitch takes too much time and effort so i'm doing a section of regualr ole dcs in between sections of cross stitches. this is making it go a lot faster and has gottem me to about 40% done with it. i can't wait until this is done because it seem slike the more time i don't spend on it the more my don enjoys rolling around on the floor. i just know that he'll grow attatched to it and have it years from and look at it and be like, what the heck was mom thinking when she made this!?
the september swap has come around and while i already had one item in mind- i'm done with that one and want to do more but i'm having a tough time deciding what. this month's swap is a mystery so it's whatever i choose. i have an idea of what i want to do but i'm afraid that the execution won't be to great. i like doing swaps because they challange me to do my best.
there's another swap coming up in another group that i'm in. i'm having a hell of a time finding angel patterns that i like. i like to make functional items and all the ones i've found are pretty much just good for looks- i guess that's not a bad thing. i'm afraid some one will open up my package and be like, oh thanks - an angel.
i found some sachet packets at the dollar store that smell like christmas. i can't wait to use those. i've made one ball (i don't know what for) and put it in my purse hoping that everytime i go in there, it'll smell like home. i'm thinking about making those for stocking stuffers. but i always have a whole mess on my plate so we'll see.
i'm in a bit of a crocheting mood right now. the weather's nice so i have my window open. the heat from the computer is kind of slighting that though. i missed matlock tonight- that's only the best show to crochet to. i'll find motivation before i'm off to sleep.

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