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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

And where have you been?

now that i'm here finally, i don't know what to say! i've been wanting to blog lately but haven't been able to. i had to right click and open the link in a new window just to get here so i wonder if it has anything to do with my antivirus program. i think i'm able to change my layout now so that's all good. i'm liking my flowers, though.
a quick update:
i finished one whole skein of bernat's softee baby already while working on the round ripple. i'm on row 29 as of last night. W0ot! i was a bit worried that i wouldn't be able to finish it out in the colors that i wanted because when i went back to wally world to pick up another skein, they didn't have the purple i needed. i thought that if it boils down to it, i could just change the color pattern and make blue the second half's main color. FORTUNATELY, my aunt went to another walmart way out some where and they did carry the color i needed so that's good to go. ;-)
i don't know what the finished dimensions are supposed to be but i'm using a size F hook- i don't think the blanket will be big enough to use for the entire first year for baby. i may wind up adding on to the 50 rows in the original pattern. i'm groovin on the blanket, though. give me some soft tunes and correct lighting and i'm speed crochetin on that mug.

i'm not sure what percentage 29 of 50 would be so i'll put it at 60%

Ah, the ever so lovely rug! this is something i work on in spells. matlock helps me get it going at a productive pace but i'm only able to watch that at 3am. i decided that some simple double crochets would help it along and it has. they've also allowed it to puckle a bit. it's a rug, so i don't think it'll matter. i'm making this one for dominic to lay on while he watches his toons. i don't know if i've rejected the idea of laying on the floor and then some where else because of my mom saying 'don't sit your dirty but on the couch after you've sat on the floor' when i was little but i believe dominic will enjoy it. if he doesn't i'll just keep it for myself. i often crochet while sitting on the couch- i could use it as an in front of the couch rug.

this was to be a scarf at first but t he back looked kind of funky where the FPDC are made. the yarn i used isn't the softest either so i decided to make it into a purse. i'm plannin on selling the finished product. it's something that i would carry so i'm hoping others will think the same way. i still have to put the handles on and figure out how i want to do the sides. it's sure to be a good look, though.

I was feeling a bit adventurous. this month's swap was a mystery so i thought i'd make an amigurumi for my partner. i don't like the way it turned out, though. it's dimensions are off, i think. i may be a little hard on myself but it looks only a little like the picture on the pattern. so, i didn't send it. it's sitting on my monitor tail-less and sad looking. i have a whole big bag of fiberfill that's taking up more space than it should so i guess i was just looking to use it up. i want to attempt a bunny still. hopefully i can make up my own pattern so i can sell them. hopefully. i found the pattern here
i wanted to try this one but the instructions were a bit confusing for me. i wasn't sure when to stuff or how to assemble.
i finally got my swap sent out today. i had a hard time figuring out what i wanted to send. i can be mrs. indecisive when given too many options.
an angel swap is about to begin in another group i'm in. i've found a couple of angel patterns. i tried one and was just confused as all get out so i set it aside. i want to get started on those right away so i won't be doing anything last minute. they are to get to our partners by thanks giving so i've got a bit of time. pattern searching is the hardest part.
i will be getting married at the end of this year and i've already got a dress. i think it's a bit summery looking so i was going to kick it to the curb. Cris suggested that i bring it into the winter season by making a capelet or wrap to go with it. that's a good idea. i had thought of making one for the fall out of chiffon but that stuff is harder to cut straight than i expected. so i'm on a search for the perfect wrap/shawl/capelet pattern for my dress. the dress needs some work, but not much. i'm what people would consider to be short and the dress is pretty long so it needs to be brought down to size. i'm worried about doing that. i got some high heels on sale at jc penny. they were originally $45 bucks, i got them for 14. i don't think i'll be wearing them, though. they're about 3.5'' high- i can't walk in them. i got them so i wouldn't have to shorten the dress but i don't want to be as tall as james at the altar and i have some time to rectify so i'll be looking into that. i want to post a picture of it but james hasn't seen the dress yet and i'm not wanting him to until our day. i'm proud of the dress because i got it for a mere 12 bucks plus shipping.
i've put my charity crochets aside for a bit. i want to make a few caps for Caps to the Capital. i didn't read the whole thing until yesterday so i think i best get moving. i'm going to see if i can send mine to some one to be bundled and sent with theirs.
so yeah, that's what i've been up to. i've got to get this purse finished!

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  1. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding Nisha!! James is a very lucky man :)

    I like Cris' idea of a capelet. I don't know what your dress looks like, but maybe instead of making a capelet out of chiffon you could crochet one out of some nice thread or lightweight yarn to match? Or maybe a demure wrap that just covers the shoulders?

    Congratulations again! This is so cool :)


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