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Thursday, September 28, 2006

gettin this show on the road

i've been up for the past few hours doing etsy related stuff. i've taken pictures of most the stuff i have to sell now i just have to figure out how the whole invoice and receiving payments thing is done. i still have to price my stuff but that's just a tiny step so i think that'll be easier now. of course i think my finished works are brilliant but i'm trying not to expect too much out of this. i don't want to be sitting broken hearted in six months because my stuff didn't move. this is the first time in years that i've put myself out there in any way. i'm hoping that it's a positive one. as far as support goes on my side from the people around me, my family who has been telling me that i need to sell my things is like yeah yeah, we'll believe it when we see it. i don't know if most of them have gotten used to me doing pretty much nothing or what but a bit more support would be nice. my friends are the most encouraging. a lot of them didn't know i even crocheted until last year so they think that what ever i do will be great. this includes james, who is of course family. i've been working on a 'quick scarf' for about a week now. i usually do my scarves in short rows so i wanted to try one or two doing long rows instead. it used to take me forever to make a scarf, i thought it was because of all the turning but i guess it's just me. i have about 8 to sell so i'm tired of making them already. now that i've discovered thread, i'm looking for ways to use it.
honestly, i feel like i've lost a bit of interest in crochet lately. i think it's because i've got so much other stuff on my mind. i try to crochet at least once a day to get somewhere with all the WIPs i have. i haven't touched the mother's day afghan in a while and i don't think i want to any time soon.
gosh, my mood just got rotten.
i'm going to go grab a piece of cake and a few cookies and see what's on the tube.

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  1. When are you going to share the link to your Etsy store?


    Have a great day!


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