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Thursday, October 29, 2009

MBOI Makin the Best of It Chainmaille Jewelry

When landing in
MBOI's shop, (sister shop to I could not help being pulled in by the clear, dazzling pictures of chainmaille necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

Sterling silver, copper, and steel rings are joined together to make exquisite works of art, which happen to double as body jewelry.

Did you know that Byzantine Chains, with their rope-like texture, originated in an ancient Roman civilization during the Middle Ages? This style of chain is actually named after its origins, the Byzantine Empire.

Back then, Byzantine chains were used as a way to show status. Today, you can wear yours to express your taste for things interesting and unique.

Andrew, the shop owner offers endless possibilities with his hand coiled, saw cut metals.

Whether you'd prefer something you see in his shop in a different metal, length, or even want to create something unique to you, he is definitely the artisan you want to go to for your next chainmaille piece.

Have a handmade Christmas with chainmaille gifts from MBOI - gifts for mom, girlfriend, wife or sister!


  1. beautiful shop.. love the photos.. I have a couple of pieces from someone who no longer is selling it... so it is great to find someone new for when I am ready to shop some more.

  2. Wow thanks so much for the feature!

    Andrew & Kimberly
    Chainmaille By MBOI
    Makin the Best of It
    Handmade Artists Forum

  3. No problem! just trying to get some follow through goin on in my life ;)


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