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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Zombie Nanners, Trip to Cali and all the rest

I've not been blogging too much lately because I've been busy with life-like things.

Recently, I had decided to make a move to southern California to go to school and start life fresh. BUUUUUT, it didn't work out the way I'd wanted it to, so, stuck in Vegas is what I am. (At least for now- I'm working on a new, better plan)

I'll be blogging about that mess on my Nisha Does blog- which is horribly neglected.

Helping my jog my creative mind is a blog called The Zombie Nanner Gang which was born in the wee hours. So far, there are 3 of us who contribute to the blog by coming up with two word challenges such as 'Drunk Monkey', 'Fuzzy Puppet', 'Tiny Robot', and so on. We create things to fit the challenge and post about them on the blog.
You don't have to be a member to participate- simply leave a comment telling us what you've done.
No pressure
All for fun, and perhaps you'll come out of it with a new idea for an item to put in your shop or give as a gift!

I'm currently working on my 'penny candy' entry and this time, what I make will be put up for sale in my Artfire Studio =-)

As well as this!
My son will be starting school this year! So, this week has been busy with getting things ready for that. last minute registration (and all that that involves), running around town searching for the perfect backpack, clothes that fit, and trying to get him to realize that school is not just where you go to play basketball or do gymnastics.
I'm sure there will be first day pics as well as pictures of all the lovely stuff he'll make in school. You can look for those on my personal blog as well.

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