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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

count as you walk with me.

have you ever found yourself counting for no reason whatsoever?
as i set out on my walk to the post office box, it was hot and kinda breezy, so i thought, this is perfect power walk weather.
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9...pole, 1,2,3,4, walk button and wait.
i had to stop myself from counting my steps.
days and days of making hats, crocheting in the round and having to count stitches has finally left a mark on my poor ole mind. and i think i'm finally about as burnt out as one can be of crocheting in the round.
i'm working on an order now for this hat, only larger. no matter how much math i do, it has yet to come out right.
This one is a bit small, but still falls in the average category. the one i need to make is for some one who wears a fitted hat size 8. That's extra large and as far as i can tell, the largest size in hats. i don't know if it's because it looks huge, or if it's because it looks huge, but something doesn't look right with the hat i've been making for damn near a week. i'm thinking about just taking it all back and handing him a 7 1/2. i'll say, 'oh, it'll give a little' =->
unfortunately, he's my cousin and knows how to get to my house, so perhaps giving him a hat that will leech his brain through his skull is not a good idea.
fortunately, there is no deadline, so, perhaps i'll take a break and finally get something made with that big ole cone of christmas colored cotton yarn i have.

did you know that veterans day was on sunday!?
and did you know that yesterday was not sunday?!
i was like, whaaaaat? lol.
so, i made some ribs and meatballs, my mom fried some chicken and made the rice and potatos. we had quite a good meal for the day after veterans day. my brother and aunt and uncle came over and they sat around watching argon while i was upstairs trying not to let the freeze get to the bone.
it is coooooold lately. even though it's annoying, i'm so looking forward to soup and oven cooked meals, biscuits and corncakes.
Bring it on!!!!


  1. It's funny you say that about counting because I do the same thing and also (for some crazy reason)I tend to do it with words too. Weird! ;)

  2. Hi Lanee

    I know, often when on my daily
    walks I begin to count the blocks
    and find this to be therapeutic.

    Found this delicious blog today,
    please tell me you haven't stopped.
    I just started crocheting and love
    to read your thoughts.



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