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Sunday, August 12, 2007

i feel so inspired

i've been wanting to do some seasonal stuff lately, but i got stuck on making some small pumpkins.

i did manage to make a black and orange cuff, but i'm not sure about it it.

so, i thought, perhaps i'll go stuffed. coming soon is my very first stuffed pumpkin shelf doll. i'm happy with the way it's coming along. the limbs are attached, all i need now it to figure out the face. i'm not sure if i wanna go with wiggle eyes or buttons, felt or yarn for the mouth. it's already so darned cute, i just can't wait till it's finished.
i'm not sure if it will be going in my shop or not. it's already sitting on the shelf down stairs while it waits. perhaps i can crank another out, or give it some children.
while trying to get motivated to work on the pumpkin doll, i was browsing etsy and came across a shop that i think is just too cute for words. the baby cyclop monster pumpkin caught my eye at first. i thought, oh wow, what the... hey, that's kind of cute!
my second fav. is the wizard boy.
you can tell t hat love and effort was put into this shop, check it out!

i've been busy with my own shop. it's mostly hair clips and barrettes for girls now. they are so fun to make. i've been thinkign about making a lot of those little flowers to sell as supplies. they could be used to embellish a skirt or blouse. or purse, what ever works.

speaking of purses, i have one t hat has been in the works for what seems like forever. it's nearly done. all it needs now is straps. at first, my plan was to braid yarn for straps, but then i thought (after braiding and cutting the yarn), nah that may make it too stretchy and may not be the most comfortable thing to grasp on to.
Leather straps! that's it! that's what it needs!
would be nice if i could find any. i've searched the web and only come across straps that are about 5/8". the bag is a nice size and is intended to carry stuff that may be heavy. i thought of my long ago frequent trips to the library while making it. so, i'm on a hunt for 1 inch straps. they could be braided, just anything brown will do now.
it's lined and ready to go. inside it has a large pocket which is divided into 2, and a cute little label that says 'Lanee's Crochet'. i thought about wash ability while making it, which is why i chose to use grommets. i figured that one could remove the straps and throw it in the wash. i will be glad to see this one go!
if you know of a place where i could find some straps, lemmie know!


  1. hi nisha, your blog looks great.
    I like the halloween crochet, veyr cute.

  2. Hi Lanee - I wish I knew of some place you could find straps, because that purse is adorable (I have yet to meet a purse I didn't want)!

    Oh, and thanks for joining the Indiepublic Blog Ring!

  3. Hi Nisha ~ Tandy Leather might be a source for you.
    They have all kinds of straps, belts and lacing that would serve beautifully as purse straps!

    Oh, and thanks for the trollflings. I ordered a chihuahua fairy pin LOL (I'm so easy!)

  4. I love the black and orange bracelet and the purse! I would also see if there is a local leather shop in your area, they sell scraps for really cheap and you could make your own awesome handle!

  5. I love the Pumpkin and the cuff! Do you have a pattern for the pumpkin?


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