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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Tag, i'm it!

I met a very pleasant lay on Etsy who makes very cute jewelry. I love earth toned accessories and her shop is full of them. Check out BINAGEYER'S shop.

The game is....get tagged and post 5 random facts about yourself and tag 5 others. Make sure you include why you tagged them. You also have to make sure to post a comment on their blog to let them know they've been tagged.

Here are five random facts about myself.

  1. i had a hernia when i was in elementary school. my mom noticed it one day when i was coughing. it didn't hurt, but i had it removed.
  2. i used to play the trombone. i loved the way it sounded, just not when i blew it. lol!! i don't think i have very much capacity in my lil lungs because i swear, the thing was playing me harder than i was it.
  3. i love buttons! when i was in the 1st grade, i had a teacher who allowed us 30 minutes to sort random things she had. i don't remember her having buttons, but for some reason, they make me think of her. i remember having to play with a bucket of marbles, small wooden cubes, dominoes, and other things like that.
  4. although i've been crocheting for many years, i don't know how to crochet a perfectly flat oval. when i do learn, i'm going to make a set of place mats.
  5. i sleep while the sun's up. i don't know how i got to be a night owl, but there is something about the quiet of night and a cup of great tea that i think is so romantic. then again, tea, yarn and stars are romantic to me.

now, who do i tag?

  • Kristie of Kristie's Kreations. her photos are really sharp, and i admire that. she's got jewelery that is both fun and tasteful.
  • Sonya of Finger Knits. From her blog, you can tell that she loves

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