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Saturday, March 31, 2007

taking a break from crochet.

for the last week or so, i've been crocheting like crazy. i've been in the mood for spring and so, i've cranked out a lot( by m standards) of spring crochet. all of which has been or is going to be put in my etsy shop. it's a freaky hobby on top of a hobby, that etsy has become.
i'm in full jewelery mode now. earrings and chokers and if i figure out how, rings soon too.

I'd like to get into making flowers more. i wish i had some of those lovely flower pins/hair things that i see. i haven't been able to get the larger flowers just right yet, so i'll stick to my hair clips.
Iwent on a flowering frenzie one night and made several pairs of flowers- more flowers than i had clips for. so far, i have 3 pair listed and about 4 in the bag. for some reason, i'm wanting to make more.
i tried to get my son to model them for me but it was a no go. he won't put a choker on either! not even for a bribe. luckily, i remembered that my dummy has hair!
i can't wait to get the rest of them listed. I'm getting more interested in making girly stuff, what i'll do with it, i don't know.
birthdays and holidays are sneakin right up on me, man! i thought i would do some easter crochet but i haven't gotten around to it yet. so, i think i'll skip it and move right along to b-days and mother's day. Oh the afghan! still not finished- haven't touched it in a loooooong ole time.

i have a friend who has a little princess. i want to do a set for her. maybe some cuffs and furry hair things, bags and perhaps a doll or two to go in a dress up chest. how cool would that be? she'll be 4 this year. i was thinking about it and my dominic is a whole 3 and a half! i said to him excitedly the other day, 'dominic, you're 3 and a half!' he was like, no, i'm dominic and i'm 3. =-)
he's started calling me mom and i can't say that i care for it. i don't know if it's a culture thing... well, yes, i think it is now that i think of it. i still call my mother momma, most people i know still call their mothers momma. i never saw the need to change it when i was growing up. i think 'mom' may be a cooler way to say it, but i never felt the need to. so, i may be tripping over this because i like being called momma, my momma will always be my momma. there was a time when he called me nisha. i didn't mind that, i'd prefer that to mom. i think he gets it from t.v.

it's been way windy lately, which sucks. it warmed up a couple of weeks ago and i was looking forward to taking a dip in some one's pool. dominic has never been in a life sized pool so i can't wait to capture that. i was about to say on tape, but we don't use it an more, do we? of course, i'll have a life vest on with floaties and a bubble, but he'll be pooling it non the less.
he'll be an even bigger man then =-\
it's felt so odd seeing him reach stepping stones, before i know it, he'll be listening to music i can't stand and barely talking to me. he seems to talk forever and a day now. and we sing along together. and i chase him for kisses. and more mushy mother things that i can feel becoming sweet memories.
i may just be tired.
so, i'm going to go and finally make myself a pair of earrings. i crocheted them yesterday but i couldn't find my wires, and go to sleep. dominic just went down. he fought an awesome fight, him and elmo.


  1. Yay! Nisha blogged! Happy to see you back in blogland :) Isn't it fun making girly stuff?

  2. Hi!
    I like this....
    It is one love.
    Have a nice day.
    Hugs for you,
    Sônia Maria


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