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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chocolate Brown Teefus!

Chocolate scented gums with peppermint teeth glycerin soap by The Soap Seduction.
I came across this realistic looking denture soap via twitter and thought - man that is some crazy lookin ass soap! lol- Had to share!

Image of Grandma Klump Denture Soap
This soap is the perfect gift for "Grandmas, grandpas, snaggle-toofed kiddies, and your best bud who needs a cheerful pick-me-up! Also makes a hilarious stocking-stuffer!"

 The Soap Seduction also offers 'normal' handmade soaps such as her Dirty SoapPink Sugar Donut Hole Soaps, and her vegan friendly Shitfaced Soap (this one is great for "Tough-as- nails broads, manly-men, stressed out individuals, and those who have mastered the art of imbibing responsibly ")

Image of Dirty SoapImage of Pink Sugar Donut Hole SoapsImage of Shitfaced Soap

Btw, The Soap Seduction has a section especially for those wanting vegan friendly bath and body goods which are goods.  There's something for everyone!

Image of The Honey Bar (Soap)
The Honey Bar Soap

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