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Monday, January 18, 2010

So, I Tried to Dye

And failed... Horribly.

Last year, I plied a small skien of yarn. It felt almost perfect and it was even in more places than it was not.  I loved that little skien and was saving it for something very special.
I finally set aside some time to do very special things to this yarn.  I got out the bowl, the vinegar, the food colors, and my hopes for something so beautiful that I'd want to keep it all to myself.
I was expecting  Valentinesy type yarn with which I could make a felted coin purse out of and got this:

I used purple, pink, and a bit of yellow.  I over cooked it it =-(  and I think I used too much vinegar =-(
But- I didn't know any better because of lack of experience.  I think that after this, from now on, I'm going to leave the dyeing to the pros.  Or maybe I'll try a wet method and use just one color (you know,  the thing they do where you let the yarn sit in colored water until it's clear?)


  1. well... I am NO help on this at all.. I am sorry it did not turn out the way you wanted (still looks good to me) it does sound like you learned some things though and that is always good :)

  2. I did learn some stuff. In hind sight, I'm like, how could you now know that that wasn't right?


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